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MECASP is a development environment oriented towards maintenance, adaptations and follow-up of application upgrades. It basically shapes a set of tools for the management of software variants.
Moreover, Mecasp can target at the same time a wide range of types for data: sources, database, graphical interfaces, xml definitions...

Open Source

Mecasp has been released as an Open Source product
(GPL license).
Donwload it... Use it... Get involved!

A new platform in the scope Versioning and Configuration Management tools, for new functionnalities

Mecasp is not a Versionning Management tool proposing only a new environment, or simplified mechanisms. Mecasp is really a new concept, and offers really new possibilities.
If you feel too limited with standard tools, then Mecasp is for you...



Origin of the Mecasp product

Mecasp was formerly an european project, IST / FP5, driven by the European Commission, with reference MECASP IST-2000-30165. See http://www.mecasp.org.
This project has successfully delivered a full featured platform, named Mecasp.
The Mecasp consortium has reached an agreement to provide Mecasp into the Open Source world (GPL).


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