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Elaine Isnard
Prologue Software/MEMSOFT Multilog Edition
Parc de Haute Technologie
Bat 8, Avenue du Docteur Donat 06250 Mougins, Sophia-Antipolis, Nice
e-mail: eisnard@studio-syskine.com
Nathalie Labate
e-mail: nlabate@prologue-software.fr
Radu Bercaru
Alexandra Galatescu
Vladimir Florian
Laura Costea
Dan Conescu

National Institute for R&D in Informatics
8-10 Averescu Avenue, 71316 Bucharest 1
e-mail: {radu, agal, vladimir, laura, dconescu}@ici.ro
Enrique Perez
Virtual Desk, Avenida de Brasil
17 5-a/b 28020 Madrid
e-mail: eperez@virtualdesk.es

Elaine Isnard is the Project Manager responsible for the European Commission IST Mecasp project at Prologue Software. He graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure ULM, Ecole Polytechnique and University Paris 7, holding a DEA diploma (Doctoral Qualifying Degree) in 'Computer Science, Mathematics and Applications'/ Semantics, Proofs and Languages'. Mr Elaine had experience in developing Camera embedded software (VisioSpace), Marketing products (Come&Stay). He had worked also as an engineer on insurance products for BULL, and on a strategical purchase management project (ERP) for Bouygues Challenger, on Web-based Java projects and e-commerce.

Radu Bercaru, Alexandra Galatescu, Vladimir Florian are senior researchers at National Institute for R&D in Informatics with theoretical and practical experience, results and publications in databases, conceptual modeling, software engineering, enterprise systems, etc, They have been involved in many national and European research projects.

Laura Costea and Dan Conescu are programmers at National Institute for R&D in Informatics with experience in C, Java and XML-based tools and environments. They achieved practical results by participating in some national and European research projects.

Enrique Pérez Gil is the director of the e-business area for Virtual Desk SL, based in Madrid, Spain. He has 12 years of development experience, seven of them developing Web-based Java projects for banking, logistic, and e-commerce companies. Mr. Enrique Pérez Gil is licensed in Computer Science from Madrid Polytechnic University.

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