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A few selected Mecasp screenshots are shown below.

Click to enlarge The Mecasp Browser.
  • On the left, the Explorer (of models), and the Inspector (properties editor), with a specific component for graphical properties
  • On the right, the Edition Panel, that can be used to generically edit graphically any models, with customized graphical objects
Click to enlarge Database related tool:
  • On the left, a tool to import the structure of a real physical database, and a tool to generate DDL files representing the full database structure, or updates of a database structure
  • On the right, a graphical interface to edit the database structure form inside Mecasp
Click to enlarge Specific models :
  • On the left, the Mecasp registry. It contains information about users
  • On the right, the tree of versions stored in the Mecasp repository
Click to enlarge Meta-Model Editor
Click to enlarge Check-In / Check-out :
  • On the left, Java files can be checked in or out.
  • On the right, again a view of the GUI Browser.
Click to enlarge Integrated version of JEdit :
  • The Java source memorized in the Mecasp repository (XML definition) can be edited inside an integrated version of JEdit (www.jedit.org)
  • Edition is then structured.
Click to enlarge Merger :
  • On the left, one can follow the green icon to find nodes with changes / conflicts.
  • On the right, the user can resolve the conflict, or automate the resolution.
Click to enlarge Security Manager / interfaces of the tree of versions:
  • On the left, an interface to edit specific rights for users on selected nodes.
  • On the right, some interfaces (not related to the security Manager!) called on the tree of versions.
Click to enlarge Management of some external files:
  • At the bottom, tool to convert Oxygène++ files into an XML format (the conversion of Java files to XML is called without interface from a contextual menu)
  • Top-right: a tool to import XML files into a Mecasp model or Meta-model. Top-left: a tool to generate external physical files from a Mecasp model.
Click to enlarge Miscellaneous tools:
  • On the left, the Search and Replace tool
  • On the right, an interface to test scripts and actions, and an interface (FTP client) to test the FTP connection

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