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Prologue Software, whose head office is located near Paris in France, is a group of over 480 people divided in around 30 subsidiaries. It has a world-wide presence in Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Russia) and in USA (Chicago, Richmond, Tucson).
Its 3 main activities are :
- design and edition of system software,
- consultancy and expertise,
- on-line distribution of applications and services.
Prologue Software e-Process Division, located near Nice in France (Sophia-Antipolis), formerly a subsidiary of Prologue Software, has recently been incorporated in it.
It is a specialist in business component based application technologies and publishes a component development workshop Oxygene++ as well as ready-to-use business components.


The National Institute of R&D in Informatics, ICI, is located in Bucharest, Romania.
Its various activities spread over the following areas :
- advanced and applied research,
- development of large-scale information systems for industry and public administration,
- development of general-purpose software tools,
- standardisation in IT,
- networking services,
- consulting services,
- training and knowledge improvement in IT,
- software assessment, testing and certification,
- software support services,
- dissemination of research results.


Virtual Desk, whose offices are located in Madrid - Spain, is a specialist in the integration of emerging information technologies, in the interconnection of platforms and in object development.

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