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This Roadmap is currently under construction.

The current state

Mecasp is the result of an IST project, driven by the European Commission. The result of this project is an operational prototype, that still need to be "industrialized".
The available prototype provides all core components predicted by the Mecasp concepts.
Today, the product has been used to perform a complete process:

  • Import of a NetBeans Java project, named SellWin, and of its database structure
  • Edition of Java sources, GUI definitions, database inside Mecasp
  • Generation of several variants of the baseline application
  • Merge of variants

The next steps

The following tasks seem to be the most natural next steps to follow. Anyway, this presentation is today only a simple proposal before a consolidated real list is defined.




1 Installation:
Building of an installer to perform a full installation of Mecasp components, defining on the fly the configuration files.
2 Internationalization:
Internationalization of all Mecasp components.
3 Localization:
Building localized resources for new languages.
4 Consolidation of the platform.  
5 Extending Mecasp to new environments.  

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